As careful as we try to be, odd things sometimes happen. We will be posting any corrections or updates as the issues go by, so be sure to check this page if you’re having any problems with our projects!


July/August 2014

Country Town Spring & Summer
Missing pattern may be downloaded here: Country Town Spring & Summer Corrections

May/June 2014

Missing bodice pattern may be downloaded here: Daisy bodice pattern

March/April 2014

country town – spring
Download the updated color chart here. Download

floral chime
The color step-by-step worksheets are missing from the instruction. Use the worksheets in addition to the painting instruction to develop the flowers on each side of the chime.

daisies-and-violets-step-by-steps lilacs-step-by-step

decorative pull toy series
The DecoArt Americana paint used for the Baa Pull Toy Base is incorrectly listed as Rookwork Red. The paint color that should be used for the Base is Hauser Medium Green.

January/February 2014

country town
The fabric ‘Blue Sky’ was not included in the materials list. This hand-dyed fabric by Stephanie may be found here:


November/December 2013

wool Christmas ornaments
The two sizes of squares for each ornament are 3 1/2″ for the outside and 3″ for the inside.

red and white Christmas sampler (Updated 11/07/2013)
The linen used for this design is Wichelt 30-count in No. 25B Natural Brown.
For the updated chart, click here.

Holiday 2013

Missing collar pattern may be downloaded here: Pinocchio collar pattern

santa garland
Missing hat pattern may be downloaded here: Santa Garland Hat Pattern

turkey pillow
Revisions may be downloaded here: Turkey Pillow Revisions

September/October 2013

ghouls night out
Missing pattern pieces may be downloaded here: Bodice and Sleeve

harvest table runner
For Step 1. Six is the correct number of 4″ squares needed to be cut from orange and autumn print fabrics.
The paragraph should read:
1. For square-in-a-square blocks, cut three 5″ squares from tan fabric, six 4″ squares from orange print fabric, and six 5-3/8″ squares from autumn print fabric.

July/August 2013

a slice of the season—summer
The pattern in the magazine was incorrectly printed at a reduced size. To download the full-size pattern, click here.

May/June 2013

a slice of the season—spring
Some of the pattern pieces were inadvertently omitted from the pattern section. To download the missing pieces, click here and here.

March/April 2013

little spring ornaments (page 78)
The diameter for the large circle is 3-1/2″, and the diameter of the small circle is 2-3/4″.

polka dot dog punch needle (page 54)
The wool pattern pieces are found on page 2 of the pattern section.
To download the punch needle pattern,click here.


November/December 2012

Holiday Glow (page 16)
The candle and plate surfaces are available through Viking Woodcrafts (

Framed Star Pillow (page 29)
The star pattern should measure 6″ H x 3 1/2″ W.

Snowman Collector Sign (page 40)
To download the pattern, click here.

Wanda Wynter (page 66)
To download doll pattern, click here.

Homespun Snowman
We apologize that we got ahead of ourselves by printing this pattern in the November/December issue. The Homespun Snowman project will be featured in our January/February 2013 issue.

September/October 2012

Gourdaments (page 10)
Designer Linda Akin’s e-mail address was listed incorrectly. It should be We apologize for the error.

July/August 2012

Goldie (page 42)
Red yarn (for hair) was listed in the materials list. The only yarn needed for the doll hair is the 3-strand wool in a mustard color.

Patriotic Crow Parade (page 61)
The pattern for the Patriotic Crow Parade is missing from the pattern section. Click here for the pattern.

Beaded Posy Pillow (Page 68)
An unnecessary pattern piece is shown on the pattern pull-out. For the updated pattern, click here.

Annie Belle (page 78)
Missing from the instructions: Skirt is 12″ Wide x 16″ Long

May/June 2012

Welcome to My Nest (page 54)
Step 7 should read:

Using No. 8 Round, paint Lamp Black around eggs working from center, to approximately 2″ beyond eggs. Allow to dry. Using No. 8 Round, paint eggs and surrounding branches: working from black center, paint in a flowing style, referring to photo as reference, twisting brush and blending Mink Tan, Dark Chocolate, Lamp Black, and Bittersweet Chocolate branches. Add Buttermilk highlights last.

Liberty Crow (page 68)
The crow’s flag is missing on the printed pattern. For the complete pattern, click here.


The Woolgatherings correct website address is


Felicity Frost (page 8)
The written instruction is correct, but the doll body pattern on the pattern section indicates an incorrect opening for stuffing. To download the correct pattern, click here.

Nifty and Thrifty, Make-do Pincushions (page 29)

Step 7 for the Large Pincushion should read:

Center button onto wool felt circle, then stitch through all layers of patchwork, pulling thread slightly. Use three strands of embroidery floss and backstitch 1/8″ from edge of wool felt circle, securing candlestick to patchwork pincushion.

Flatware Series – The Key to my Heart (page 36)
The pattern is printed on the pattern section, but does not have a scallop edge. For scallop edge pattern, click here.


December 2011

Beyond the Basics of Punchneedle (page 62)
for additional snowflake patterns, as well as specific areas to be worked on each side of snowflake and exact thread to be used in each area click here.

Holiday 2011

Hook and Proddy Wreath (page 84)
Although the star pattern is found on the pattern pull-out, we thought it would be helpful to also offer the outlines of the circle to fit a form. You may enlarge or reduce for size preference. Please remember to add 1/2-inch seam allowance. For pattern, click here.

October 2011

Painted Halloween Sampler (Page 36)
For painting the ghost in the tree: Using your angle brush dipped lightly in Warm White, follow the outline of the ghost, keeping the shading inward. Do not base the ghost.
For the final shading of elements: Shade under each leaf and jack o’ lantern, and around each item, with Burnt Umber to create depth and shadow. Repeat to strengthen color.
We mistakingly referred to window panes in this design instruction, of which there are non

Jack Nodder (page 38)
To download the Hat pattern, click here.

Hooked Witch’s Hat (page 41)
The corrected yardage is:
1/8 yd. Colonial Pumpkins
1/16 yd. Vintage Avocado

Rainbow Trout Cigar Box (page 47)
To download the rainbow trout pattern, click here.

Mr. Franky Stein ( Page 76)
Our photograph features Mr. Frank Stein with a bat friend above his shoulder, but the pattern section is missing the bat. Click here for the updated pattern.

August 2011

Scrollwork Heart Punchneedle (page 27)
The pattern printed in the magazine is larger than the finished piece. Click here for new pattern.

February 2011

Mega Cable Wrap (page 60)
The yarn should be double-strand.

Winter Wonderland Bed Scarf (page 29)
The pattern for the Winter Wonderland Bed Scarf is missing from the pattern section.
Click here to download the pattern. (PDF)

Redwork Ornaments (page 18)
The pattern for the Redwork Ornaments is missing from the pattern section.
Click here to download the pattern. (PDF)


December 2010

Woodland Santa (page 40)
For the Santa Body pattern, click here

Holiday 2010

Woodland Stars Quilt (page 29)
Under materials used, The Warm Company Warm & Natural 5 cotton batting, should be a 52″ square.

Glittery Acorns (page 41)
Correction for Step 3:

Apply Mod Podge to STYROFOAM surface, then sprinkle glitter. To keep the colors neat, glitter one color at a time and let Mod Podge dry in between sections. Work over a box lid so that you may recycle excess glitter. Tip: Push wooden skewer into the top of the ornament to hold while glittering, then place skewer in a jar to dry. Later, remove skewer and adhere a ribbon hanger into the hole.

October 2010

Quilted Pumpkin Cross-Stitch (page 29)
The cross-stitch chart is missing from the pattern pullout section. Click here to download the PDF.
Also, we did not acknowledge The DMC Corporation for generously providing Create & Decorate with the Floral Pillow Band project, designed by Linda Wyszynski. We regret the error.

Folk Art Crow Punch Needle
Click here for the color placement guide

April 2010

Cupcake Pincushion (page 43)
The first materials item should read Floracraft STYROFOAM ball, 3″ white


Snowy Valentine (page 22)
For nose pattern, click here

Love Lives Here Stitchery (page 26)
There is a correction in step 6.
Click here for updated instructions. (PDF)


December 2009

Father Christmas Cross-Stitch (page 24)
To download the color key, clickhere. (PDF)

Evergreen Embroidered Mitten (page 44)
Download the Color
Stitch Guide

Holiday 2009

Blackberry Cable Throw (page 8)
the complete, corrected instructions
. (PDF)

Pumpkin Doll (page 18)
To download the Pants pattern, click
. (PDF)

Scented Felt Pumpkin Pillow (page 32)
Materials correction: The 2 pieces of Wool Felt in Black need to measure19″ x 12″ each.

Eco Throw (page 48)
For the Eco Throw Color Placement Diagram, clickhere.

Sherwood Snowman (page 88)
The instructions for the finishing techniques of Sherwood, his Hat, and Scarf
were inadvertently omitted. Download
the complete instructions
. (PDF)

Starry Night Christmas Tree Skirt (page 86)
Correction for the manufacturer for the Camel felt: National Nonwovens WoolFelt.
National Nonwovens WoolFelt |

Jumpin Jacks Jumpin’ Jacks
Among Friends Angel Among Friends Angel download

October 2009

Faux Caramel Apples (page 46)
The correct source for the corn cob litter and gloss spray finish is Walmart.
PetCo is also a confirmed source for the corn cob litter (found under Nature’s
Miracle brand name) in stores and online at

June 2009

Wind Runner Chart (page 60)
Empty box = Dc in dc, ch 2, skip 2 sts (space).
Solid box = Dc in dc, dc in next 2 dc or 2 dc in next ch-2 space (block).
download chartpdf
format, 500kb

April 2009

Spring Thyme Chicks (page 6)

“To err is human, to forgive, divine.”
We featured the sweet little Spring Thyme Chicks, but incorrectly listed the website. The correct web address is Visit them for a wonderfully prim experience!

February 2009

finds (page 51):

The headline for the Primitive
Pastimes review should have read “Gram’s Pocket Purse Pattern” to
match the photo shown. This pattern by Kim Dubay, whose Country Lanes profile
appears in the same issue, is available two ways – as a pattern on linen or
in the book “Designs for Primitive Rug Hookers” by Jenny Rupp and
Lisa Yeago. For more information visit


December 2009

Star Bowl Fillers (page 86)
The correct page for the continued instruction for the Star designs is 94,
not 96.

Ticking Ornaments (page 22),
and the Crow and Snowman (page 34)
Use new instruction for Step 1 as follows: To coffee stain, add one cup of instant coffee to two quarts of hot water. Mix well. Set mixture aside.

Holiday 2009

Harvest Lid (page 20)

Click Here for the revised,
complete instruction for project.

Rug Hooked Photo Frame (page 38)
The instruction incorrectly referred to the wool used as wool felt. Please
refer to the revised instruction paragraph when creating this piece.
Note: Finished size of this piece is 14” x 6”. Before beginning,
be sure to wash all your wool. This is not necessary if you are using hand-dyed
wools. Put wool into washing machine with hot water/cold rinse; use a small
amount of mild detergent (no fabric softener). Wash dark and light colors
separately. Rinse with warm water, and then put into a hot dryer with a fabric
softener sheet and a thick towel. Washing and drying shrinks fibers and tightens
the weave to prevent edges from fraying when cut and hooked.

Halloween Greetings Tin (page 48)
A paint color was mistakenly omitted from the Halloween Greetings Tin. Click
here for updated instructions

Snowman and Candy Canes (page 74)
The pattern for the nose was inadvertently left out of the pattern section. Click
here for the pattern

Website Correction
The correct web address for the Vintage Striped Towels, and Aunt Martha’s
Pattern Set is


Americana Lighthouse Panels
The wooden window topper set may be purchased through


Lepus Rabbit’s Door Crown (page 26) In addition to Step 4: Use the 1/8 yd
dark brown mottled solid wool to outline, and then fill Lepus Rabbit silhouette.
Use 1/8 yd textured brown wool to hook the trees and branches.


In response to your inquiries— click
for revised, complete instructions for the Catch-All Tote on page


December 2007

2008 Planner ( page 44) There is just one website
to access information for the 2008 Planner:

October 2007

Apple Walnut Cake (page 76) The Direction for
step 2 in the recipe for the Apple Walnut Cake recipe on page 76 should read
as follows: With a spoon mix the oil, sugar, and eggs and extracts until
smooth. Add the dry ingredients (including the cinnamon) and mix well, batter
will be stiff. Add the apples and nuts and mix well. Place in a greased tube
pan. Bake for 90 minutes, until a toothpick comes out clean.

The Tiny Tots
(page 80) Safety Note: The Tiny Tots Pillows are named for
the childlike images that are portrayed on the blocks. These pillows are
to be used as decoration and not as toys.

August 2007

Crow Punch Needle (page 10) The pattern for
the tongue design was inadvertently left off of the pattern section. Click
here to download the pattern
in pdf format.

Sunflower Recipe Album (page 18) “Recipe’s” should
be “Recipes” without the apostrophe.

Rug Hook Balls (page 28) Step 4 should read “4.
Using the sewing machine, straight stitch around the circles.”

Sources (page 77)
The correct phone number of National Nonwovens is 800-333-3469.
The correct phone number for Wimpole Street Creations is 800-765-0504.

June 2007

Sources (page 77)
The correct phone number of National Nonwovens is 800-333-3469.
The correct phone number for Wimpole Street Creations is 800-765-0504.

February 2007

Primitive Church Dolls (page 34) The pattern
for the church was inadvertently left out of the pattern section.
When punching the background create a pattern of your choice with the three
colors of floss given.
Click here
to download the pattern
. (PDF format, 64KB)



Uncle Sam & Peace Dove (page 42). The pattern
for Uncle Sam’s head was incomplete.
Click here
to download the correct pattern

Farmyard Friends (page 70). The website for
Homecraft Framing (to order the frame) was left off the souce page.
The website is


Potted Flowers Pillow (page 70) materials list
states that you need 3/8 yd. of natural homespun fabric. Then in Step 5 it
states to cut out four 2″ x 12″ strips from the homespun fabric
for the border. Green wool is what is used for the border, not homespun fabric.
So please disregard the need for the homespun fabric and where it states
to use homespun fabric use the green wool instead.


Pineapple Table Topper (page 28) The foundation
pattern is incorrect. Download
the correct pattern


(Christmas Ornaments)
Branch Buddies (page 40) The mittens patterns
were accidentally omitted. Download
the pattern


February 2005

You Hold My Heart (page 84) is missing the
following information in the materials list.
The Gentle Art, Shaker Threads – these threads come in skeins of 6-strand,
one-yard lengths of floss. Amounts shown here refer to the number of yards
(6-strands) needed: Currant 5; Chamomile 2; Barn Gray 10; Old Red Paint 2;
Straw Bonnet 5; Parchment 2; Black Raspberry Jam 8.

Holiday 2005

Santa Pull Toy (page 70) New instruction for
Step 1 for Donkey is as follows: Using the pencil and the well-lit window,
transfer the ears, legs, and body onto the doubled piece of 12″ square
lowpile fabric. (The text mistakingly refers to the fabric used as muslin.)


Winter 2004

(Christmas Ornaments)
Metal-Look Ornaments (page 6) The heart pattern
was inadvertently left out. Download
the pattern
. The design pattern was free handed for this project.

February 2004

Antique Pink Pillow (page 64) The top piece
of the pillow and the tab patterns were inadvertently left out of the pattern
section. Download
the pattern
for the pillow top piece, and for
the tab pattern


December 2003

Antique Santa (page 24) The arm pattern was inadvertently left out of the pattern section. Download the pattern.